Choose to Simplify

choose-word-onlyI started out 2016 by finding a word that I would focus on for an entire year.  That word was “choose”.  What a wonderful word it has been, making me more and more aware of when I have choices and how I am using those choices.

I start everyday with an affirmation that started out as “I choose to live my life by choice”. I wrote a few posts about working with that word in my old journaling blog.  That affirmation has evolved over the year.   First I added “making changes through baby steps” to handle my inner perfectionist that was trying to change the whole world everyday.  The version I’ve been using for many months now says

I choose to live my life by choice, making changes through baby steps in my daily practice.

Little daily choices have added up to make a HUGE difference in my life.

I’m already looking forward to my word for next year.  Ideas have been popping in and out of my consciousness.  I know we still have two and a half months to go, but choosing a word to live with for a year can be a lengthy search.  A lot of things came to mind but as I lived with them, they proved to be too shallow, or too… something just not right.

My word appeared to me, and as I’ve noodled over it for a week now I am ready to announce that my word for 2017 is (insert drum roll here)…


Starting January 1st, I’ll be blogging about Simplify and ways that I’m finding to simplify my life.

What word will choose to focus on in the upcoming year?  Start thinking about it now because I guarantee that if you find a word to focus on every day, you’ll see big changes happening in your life.

9 thoughts on “Choose to Simplify

  1. Hi – I was thinking about new year’s resolutions this last week (read an article that said something about them) and so I am right here with you in this 2017 thinking!
    And your simplify word is s good one – I also like the choose and the affirmations.
    Powerful in our life!
    “By our words we are justified and by our words we our condemned”

    Anyhow – for the last five or six years – I have had my word and guess what? – they have been “f” words- 2012 was finish, 2013 was family
    And this year was “fresh” and I have had a very light and refreshing year – not sure what 2017’s f word will be – 😉
    Anyhow – cheers to enjoying the rest of 2016 while also looking forward to 2017

  2. I picked achieve for my word last year… I didn’t manage very much achievement, but at least I’ve thrown off the procrastinate word I’ve had for the last few years.
    I’m going to hold onto achieve again this year and maybe do a better job.

    • I know what you mean. When I first looked over the year I didn’t think I had gotten any better at making mindful choices, but it seemed to happen a lot more frequently than I thought. I am so attached to the word now that I will be sorry to let it go, but I also see the new word welcoming me with open arms… all because of the choices I did make this year that didn’t seem as significant at first glance. Maybe it’s time to retire “achieve”. It sounds like it did work for you. Maybe there is a next step waiting for you, just like “simplify” came out of my choices.

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