My Wide Angle World

I haven’t been doing any photography for a while, for a variety of reasons, but I’m celebrating getting back into it again with a new camera.  On Wednesday my Sony A6000 will arrive, along with a new wide angle lens.  I love the incredible effects I get with wide angle.  Here are a couple of examples from years ago:

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport Oregon USA

Yaquina cropped

The Astoria Column, Astoria, Oregon

020615Chris scale_3

How else can you capture the enormity of a 747 sitting on top of a building?  

Evergreen Aviation Museum water park (under construction), McMinville, Oregon USA

010612 Launch (1)

Or grab the length of the Portland streetcar, downtown Portland, Oregon?


Or the beauty of a cluster of spring daffodils!


So stay tuned as I try out my new wide angle lens.  It’s arriving Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to that.  Hooray!

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