Nurturing Thursdays – November 10

I love to participate in Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursdays.  Here is my contribution for this week, a video instead of a graphic.  A message from beyond the grave from the incredible, beautiful, loving Maya Angelou.

May you find stillness and peace in your heart.  May your fears be resolved in the loving arms of All That Is.  May you always rise.


6 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursdays – November 10

    • I have to agree, Carol, but I’m holding on to hope as best I can. True, the (slim) majority of us did not vote for this man, but there were all too many of us who were too angry and frightened by their lives. How can we reach them? How can we help them? How can we all soothe each other, finding love and compassion? I wish I had the wisdom to create that.

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