Would you dare…

Would you dare to question who you really are?  That is the challenge 170,378 people participated in through Momondo, a travel search organization from Denmark that is promoting world peace by connecting people through travel.  They held a competition to encourage people to get their DNA tested to see where they really came from.  The results surprised many people.  (Click the picture to be taken to Momondo’s site, then scroll down for the video.)


I have had my DNA tested because I was curious to know the real truth.  My mother had always asserted that our family was 100% German.  The truth?  Nowhere close to that.  Here are my results:


German is only a small 19% of me.  Scandinavia and Great Britain!  I never heard a word about those countries before when hearing about my family history.  Yet here I am, a daughter generations removed from the ancestors who came from that part of the world.  And where did the Italy / Greece part of me come from?  And I have 3% of me who can legitimately celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day.

The world is a big place, but it gets much, much smaller when we find out who we really are.  DNA testing is painless.  You just spit in a tube, put the tube in the mail, and your results come back all nicely done up for you.

I love history, and I would love to have someone trace back my family tree.  The people and their stories would fascinate me.  I would love to visit the places they lived.  Maybe some day I’ll take the time to dig into my family tree, but for now it’s just fun seeing what science has to say about me.

Would you dare to question who you really are?

11 thoughts on “Would you dare…

  1. It’s funny that you should post this today because my husband and I were just talking about this video this evening over dinner. I’ve seen it before and he hasn’t. I get very emotional when I see this and would love to know how far back my ancestry goes. I’m going to share this with my husband. Thanks for posting.

  2. I have seen this video before, Chris, and I thought it a great one to share too. So many people would be astounded at the range of ethnic backgrounds they have. People have been moving around the world for thousands of years, either travelling or migrating. They share their DNA as they go among various races and places.
    I haven’t sent for my DNA profile, though I’d love to find out what I share with other parts of the world. 🙂 Is it very expensive?

  3. I would love to do this. I would appreciate any information you could share. There was always a rumor I had been adopted and though a simple DNA test would not help in learning the truth, it would still be interesting.

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  6. I absolutely would love to have my DNA tested. My father’s side seems solidly Italian – his parents came here from Sorrento in the early years of the 20th century. I know nothing about my mother’s side – other than she was Irish – or was she? Awesome post.

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  8. I had the test done a few years ago by 23andMe. I’m about 86% Sub Saharan African with ancestors hailing from Mozambique and Nigeria, about 5% Irish and 3% Asian. I would suppose the Asian would indicate my Native American ancestry. At that time they could only trace back one’s heritage from the Mother’s side as only women carry mitochondrial DNA. I would have to get one of my paternal cousins to find out my Dad’s ancestry but aside from the obvious African ancestors I know I have Native American ancestry on that side also.

  9. Chris, I located the 411 on my ancestry and here is the more accurate report.

    Deborah Palmer
    Sub-Saharan African
    East Asian & Native American

    Northwestern European
    British & Irish
    Broadly Northwestern European
    Southern European
    Broadly Southern European
    Broadly European

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