DNA Testing – Part 3

ancestorsdna(See the first two parts of this discussion here:  Would you dare and DNA Testing – Questions Answered)

I found some easier to understand, quick videos explaining the different types of DNA tests  You can check them out at Learn.Genetics.  Oh, quit cringing.  They’re only about a minute or two each and have nifty little drawings.  It may help you decide on how much of an investment you want to make into your DNA testing.

I’m most interested in my mother’s line and that’s the one I know the least about, so mitochondrial testing looked to be something I might want to do, but after watching those short videos, I decided it probably won’t give me what I want right now.  It will basically show me the route my maternal ancestors took out of Africa as they migrated north.

I don’t know that I’m ready to commit the time and effort it would take to track my own genealogy.  Maybe someday.  So I’l just go with the autosomal results for right now.

I found out that the National Geographic tests are actually run by the FamilyTreeDNA company, so that gives FTDNA even more credibility, in my mind.  They are running a special right now, so if you were toying with the idea of DNA testing, this might be the ideal time and company for you.

If you are looking to add more information to your genealogical charts, go for the big three companies that have the largest databases (Family Tree, 23andMe and Ancestry) and be willing to share your information with their matches with you.  The DNA company will identify near matches and allow you to contact your potential relatives safely.  You might find some missing cousins who have already done a lot of research for you.  You can never tell.

I would just like to win a contest that would give me a nice, professional presentation like you see on the television shows so I wouldn’t have to do the work myself.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Good luck and have fun!

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