Daily Sunshine

Welcome to the first of my daily sunshine blogs.  The last two weeks have been horrible for me.  I have really been thrown by the election in my country (USA) and I need to snap out of this depression that I’m in and focus on the positive.  So I’ve decided that I’m going to start sending the entire world a little sunshine every day.  I love following Cee’s flower of the day because they give me so much beauty and a sense of wonder, so I thought a little sunshine to go along with that was quite appropriate.  You can look forward to inspiring quotes, cute drawings and beautiful pictures as my gift to you.  I’d like to help you get all set up for a happy and peaceful new year coming up.  Go outside today and look up at the sun and smile.  I’ll be thinking about you and smiling with you.  See you tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “Daily Sunshine

  1. I, too, have suffered from this overwhelming sense of sadness and depression since the election. I haven’t been able to write any articles since the results or even listen to the news. We need the sunshine to bring us out of these clouds of gloom. I struggle enough without the real world interfering, but photography has been my outlet. Thanks for another avenue of expression.

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