Share Your World 50

earlybirdIt’s time for Cee’s Share Your World Week 50 .

What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

Pine or any freshly cut wood.  It just reminds me of camping and hiking, being outdoors.

What type of pet do you have or want to have?

We have cats and a pug, which is a cat masquerading as a dog.  It would be fun to have an alpaca and some chickens and a horse and the land to have a farm and someone to take care of them while we are gone, and partner with a wildlife refuge for birds like owls and eagles so we could go and see them whenever we want to.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time? 

Always early.  It makes me a little crazy to be late.

For recharging, would you rather meditate, swim, walk, listen to music, write, read, yoga, qigong other?

Read, write, do qigong, meditate, in that order.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week seemed to go by so quickly.  We actually had snow in town.  A whole inch, which meant the schools were closed.  Okay, one point two inches (1.2″), to be accurate.  For those of you who live in colder climates where snow = winter, you will find that laughable, I know.  But that’s enough to shut us down.

Tomorrow I have to go into Portland for the day.  I avoid going into the city as much as possible, but this is for business.  The good part is that I get to ride the train in.  It’s just light rail, but I love riding any kind of train.  It’s just fun to sit and feel the gentle swaying and watch the world zip by.

2 thoughts on “Share Your World 50

  1. The best part of my work day used to be the two hour roundtrip commute by rail. Lynn just mentioned last night that she would love to take a train trip somewhere so I happened to mention Amtrak that goes along the Pacific Coast. Maybe one day….

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