Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

I thought I had a Daily Sunshine all queued up and ready to go today so that I could take time for myself.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered I didn’t!  So here are some last minute 2016 inspirations for you…


Love Your Life in 30 Days is a free class that starts, well, in a few hours, I would imagine.  It’s a 30 day exploration into YOU, and it starts on the new year.  Mike Dooley and the folks at TUT do some fun and uplifting things.Print

Susannah Conway is a lovely spirit-filled person and a great writing coach.  I love her emails and blogs.  She’s doing a free class in finding your word.  I already have mine for this year (Simplify) but I think I’ll sign up for the class anyway, just because I like her work.

Need another free inspiration to get you started on the new year?  Katy Taylor was recommended by another writer whose spiritually uplifting newsletters I follow.  This will be my first experience with Katy, so I invite you to join me for a class starting in a week, Practice Presence for Life.


There are probably many other inspiring guides and ideas out there, but these are three that came to me over the last few days.  Please feel free to share any others you might find.

Wishing you a magnificent start to the new year.  May peace and love be with us all, everywhere around the world.

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