Women’s March – Around the World

womensmarchWhen I wrote earlier today about the Women’s Marches going on around the US, I didn’t realize how enormous and far-reaching this effort was.  Then Ruth remarked that they are marching in London today, too, so I did some investigating.  There are 673 marches going on around the world.  To see the list of locations, click here. 

That there could or would occur, these gatherings of determined women and their supporters, is truly incredible.  There is hope for this country, and for the world, when this amount of compassion and strength rises up to be heard and seen.




42 thoughts on “Women’s March – Around the World

  1. Beautifully said, Chris. I attended a local march and was really moved, especially when I thought about all the women around the world who were marching with us. A wonderful, powerful expression that we value all people.

    • I’m not political, either, which is why I haven’t expressed my outrage and profound sorrow over this election. But enough is enough. We need to remind this man that we didn’t the people of this country didn’t elect him.

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  3. Humanity knows no borders, and as equal rights should be for everyone we must all stand together and speak out as one voice, wherever in the world we live, against whoever chooses to oppress us, whatever political or religious persuasion they choose to hide behind ❤

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    Wish I could have made it to Washington, but could only attend the march last weekend here in Ohio and it was inspirational. “Women’s rights are human rights.” You touch our rights and this older lady will be protesting on the streets again and again just like she did in the 80’s.

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    • I was at the march in Washington DC. I have marched there before and live in the burbs. There will easily 1 million folks on the mall. They (government) only cancel formal marches in DC when the crowd starts to reach that important 1 milion. The formal march was canceled in D; we marched anyway. Wow what an amazing love fest. you could bump into someone and all they did was smile back. That is not usually how it goes here in the big city. usually you just get that Look.

  6. I went to the March in Denver today and met some amazing people! Democrats, Republicans, Women, Men, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Military personnel, all walking in support of equal rights for all people. To know there were almost 400 similar walks around the world sharing the same messages is so uplifting, showing love can overcome hate if we all stick together and fight for what we ALL deserve!

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    Reblogged on My Other Blog. It gives me some hope that there are still so many people out there willing to speak up against hatred. I saw pictures of some pretty amazing posters people had made for the march.

    • That was the biggest feeling I got from watching it and seeing footage from all around the world… the feeling of hope that enough people care to take action. It was so uplifting, the first time I’ve felt that way since the election.

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  9. I am an introvert, too. Perhaps we should call ourselves the Introversions! I had friends who marched and a brother who was part of the movement. I, of course, was at home, but there in my heart! I, too, will be reblogging this wonderful blog post, and will be following you, as well.

    • We couldn’t go only because of physical disabilities, but we were there in spirit. It was amazing to watch the live coverage on television. I had many friends who were there at the march in Portland and other cities.

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    Wish I could have taken part in this… I was there in spirit. Amazing to see the number of locations this took place. I stand for equal rights, how about you? Reblog to show support.

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