Women’s March – This is what democracy looks like

womensmarchYesterday was such an historic day all across the world.  I have never been so uplifted by love and hope as I was watching the live television coverage of Portland’s march.  Thank you, KATU, for carrying the march live while your competitors were showing sports.

We couldn’t believe the amount of people in the downtown streets, sandwiched in like sardines in a can, standing in pouring rain.  Women of all ages and colors.  infants, toddlers, teenagers.  And men, so many supportive and caring men.  It was incredible.  The overhead views were amazing.  This photo only shows about a third of all the people.


The bridge going into downtown was packed with people,  The buses and trains were jammed.  Cell phone transmissions were disrupted because so many people were on their phones.  Completely amazing.

I was worried about hecklers or problems but the mood was so upbeat.  The police department said this was the largest crowd ever, about 100,000 people, and also the nicest crowd.  It was the epitome of a peaceful demonstration.  That was the story all across the world.  Cee and I watched the local and world news that evening and we saw the same thing echoed all across the globe.  There could be no greater celebration of the human spirit than this.

Even better than this one day is the knowledge that we can recreate this any time it’s needed.  The message is clear.  You might have been able to ignore our ballots, but you can’t ignore our voices.

Thank you to everyone who participated by physically being there, or by being there in spirit as we were.  And thank you to KATU news for broadcasting the event live, and for letting me “borrow” this aerial photograph.

6 thoughts on “Women’s March – This is what democracy looks like

  1. I wish I could walk with them! It’s absolutely amazing and truly wonderful to watch this progress. Keep walking! 👣don’t tolerate hate 👣

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