The Last Word

I just watched the trailer for “The Last Word” and it looks fabulous.  I can’t imagine a better actress than Shirley MacLaine to play the lead… unless you get Maggie Smith to do a British version.  Check out the trailer and see what I mean.  It’s going on my list of movies to watch.

Daily Sunshine – 28 February

The end of another month.  The days are getting longer here.  The camellias are blooming, as are the crocuses.  The grass is getting greener.  Soon the daffodils will bloom, followed by the tulips.  The trees will display their vibrant new green leaves.  I love this time of year. What are you grateful for in your life?

Daily Sunshine – 23 February

This phograph is one of Cee’s, taken a few miles from where we live.  I love western Oregon’s trees and all of the green that surrounds us.  Please take a few minutes to visit Cee’s new Showcase blog and enjoy some wonderful photography. Today’s post is also part of Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursdays.