You Do You

img_1421This post is dedicated to Carol and to all of you who are struggling with the idea of a Trump White House.

Carol, I have so many things I want to say, but I haven’t been able to settle on anything this weekend.  Thoughts come and go as my thinking expands and I feel more peaceful.  I’ve been going through enormous shifts in emotions these two months, and I’m finally feeling better.  Each day gets a little bit easier, despite the flood of executive orders.

img_1422My biggest inspiration came from the Dalai Lama.  He started out by saying, “You do you”.  You should find compassion inside yourself, to acknowledge and find compassion for all the emotions you are feeling.  Be gentle with yourself.  Feel the emotions and then let them go.  He follows that up with some excellent observations about America and his faith in it.

I’ll let you watch the interview and read the article.  It’s a jumping off point for an important discussion about what this election means.

I think what I want to say today is something very simple:  It’s going to be alright.  This country was founded to never allow a king, to have checks and balances that prevent the president from being a supreme ruler.  The office is much larger than one man (or woman).  George Washington was loved by the people but couldn’t get any cooperation from Congress and was eaten alive by the press.  He was talked into a second term but refused to endure a third term.

We can’t fix things until we know they are broken.  Our government is broken. Republicans and Democrats can’t work with each other (hence the huge pool of people running for president), and they definitely can’t work with the other party.  It’s just plain broken.  Maybe now we can start telling  both parties to grow up and act like sensible adults.  Compromise.  Cooperate.  Listen to each other.  Be role models.

We’re losing jobs to overseas.  The fix isn’t to refuse visas.  We need to fix the educational system so that it gives our adults now, and our children in the future, the skills to compete in a global economy.

This election is showing us where we, as a country, are broken.  It’s time to work together to heal and to fix all these newly uncovered points of pain.  Read and listen those who voted differently from you, not the politicians.  Find out why your neighbors wanted this person as president, what they thought he could fix in their lives.  Have faith in the safeguards built into our Constitution.  But most of all, take care of yourself first.  Limit your exposure to the news or social media.  Take on only what you can handle and still feel good about your life.  There are plenty of other people who are much more qualified than you watching over things.  Be easy on yourself.  And try the Dalai Lama’s other sugggestions.  Meditate.  Play and laugh more.

All is well.


8 thoughts on “You Do You

  1. Thank you, Chris, for your mention, your thoughts, your concern. It’s a difficult time, this living with a man in charge who appears a fool more often than not, at least to my eyes – and living with the realization that the appearance of greatness of this country is being denigrated in the eyes of other countries by that man. This too shall pass, however. We know that. It’s the chaos that surrounds us in the meantime that is so very sad and so very pointless. I pray that this will end in the changes that are really needed.

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