Daily Sunshine – 7 February


I start each day with a morning practice I’ve been refining over the years.  It begins with a slide show of things that make me smile, that inspire me, or uplift me.  I’d like to start sharing some of those pictures with you, starting today.

I’m a writer, and this reminds me that I can use my writing to create something beautiful or to help me work through something gnarly and nasty that is slowing down my eagerness for life.  I started doing Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages some years ago.   While I don’t always do the full three pages, I do write every day in my journal.  (See The Artist’s Way for more information about morning pages.)

I’ll keep sharing the rest of the pictures in the slide show, but I would love to see any pictures or graphics you might have that inspire you.  Please share!

I’ll also be talking more about my morning practice.  I’m of the belief that you should begin your morning for you.  “You Do You”, as the Dalai Lama tells us.  Take the time to get your mind, body and spirit all working together.  My morning practice begins at 4:30 AM.  (Can you tell I’m a morning person?)  I do  visualization, meditation, qigong, affirmations, reading inspirational books and journaling.  I spend about ten minutes on each part of the practice.  That hour is often the most productive one I have, because it sets me up for a great day.

12 thoughts on “Daily Sunshine – 7 February

  1. Good morning Chris! I really enjoy your daily thoughts and muses. Not only do they promote using your cerebral tissues, they give insight to who you are, as a person. When I see your and Cee’s emails from, I pass over all my other emails just so I open them. Hoping you & Cee have a great day. Know we love you both (and Mac) and wish we lived a lot closer so we could enjoy everyday life with both of you in person. – John


  2. My inspirational photos are posted on the Face Place mostly. So much negativity in the world, I like to feel that people can see my time line and see some beauty and grace and maybe forget about how ugly the world is right now. Flowers, relaxing vistas from porches and gardens, and dogs and cute animals make up what is soothing to me. I’d share one or two here, but WP doesn’t have a format for pictures in the comments at this time apparently. Thanks for sharing your sunshine with us each day! ❤

  3. I’m an early morning person, too. It is — BY FAR — the very best part of the day. Alone with my thoughts, my coffee, my books and journals, watching the sunrise — it doesn’t get much better than that.

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  5. Wow! you are really a morning person! I do 2 pages of morning pages every morning, and more 2 at bedtime (I call it evening pages), I can say this practice has changed me, I can see much clear now. Where is the slide show?

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