Daily Sunshine – 13 March


Amen.  Although I still have a tiny piece of something black stuck in my shin from learning to ride a bike on our cinder driveway.  Maybe we should say, “Life is like learning to ride a bicycle because you never forget the lessons you learned.  You can always get back on and remember how to ride.”

Small PencilOn second thought, that little piece of black in my shin might have been from the time my brother Steve stuck me with a pencil and the tip broke off.  It was a long time ago.  Just like coal heat and cinders. The world keeps on moving.

Good morning, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Daily Sunshine – 13 March

  1. Always in my top ten on Bucket Lists – finally learn to ride a bike.
    My problem? I stopped when I wobbled for fear of falling.
    Love the line about coal heat and cinders.

  2. I rode as a child but now it would be difficult for me to keep my balance and my eyesight is like Mr. Magoo so I stick with the buses and subways so I can get to my destination safely!

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