Daily Sunshine – 14 March


We are getting drenched again in north western Oregon.  I love our rain, but we’ve had enough for a while.  Yesterday it got up to 60 and sunny.  Today we’re getting over an inch of rain.  But that is nothing compared with a lot of the United States which is getting pummeled by snow.  So I thought we could all use a little bucking up.  I’ll get some more beach chairs.  Come join us!

For those of you who are heading into autumn, send us some pictures of what summer looks like.  We can use those to carry us through.


4 thoughts on “Daily Sunshine – 14 March

  1. We have plenty of snow with big blue skies. So still enjoying snowshoeing around the creeks waiting to hear them trickle. Some spots have opened up so it’s the magic of anticipation. Spring may be around the corner.

  2. I woke to sun, but now the clouds are taking over. The forecast says the rain will hit us tomorrow, and I’ll deal with it so long as it doesn’t turn white.

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