Daily Sunshine – 21 March


What’s on your list of tiny happy things?

  • My cats keeping me company early in the morning when the rest of the house is still asleep, even after I’ve fed them
  • The flowers of Spring
  • The small birds that come to my feeders in the rhododendron outside my window
  • A funny TV show
  • My favorite pencil and my journal
  • Cee’s photography
  • Feeling loved
  • Words of wisdom that the Universe delivers in so many unexpected ways

5 thoughts on “Daily Sunshine – 21 March

  1. Dog’s unconditional love
    My husband brewing coffee every morning
    Anticipation of spring and budding leaves
    Tranquility of a hiking trail

  2. Cuddling with my furry girls.
    Signs of spring.
    A good book.
    My inks, especially when something turns out the way I wanted or better then.
    Messages from my kids and friends.
    Being able to control what I do and when I do it.
    And so many more things.

  3. What an enchanting post! ❤ I'm so glad I was directed to read 61 Musings by your lovely partner, Cee. 🙂 Lessee .. tiny happy things…

    The cluster of jonquils in my neighbor's garden
    The cheeky robin on the fence, eyeing me with a bright black gaze
    The tiny furry girl who makes up my joy
    A really good sleep

    Today's prompt is 'minimal'. Perhaps I'll take a leaf and end this here. 😀

  4. It’s nice to stop and think about happy things.

    – making a perfect espresso-based beverage
    – curling up with Mr Clues to watch something on Netflix
    – daffodils
    – getting liquid eyeliner on just right
    – zoning out of a crowded commute because I’m reading an excellent book
    – sense of accomplishment after going to the gym before work
    – reading a message from a friend that makes me smile or laugh

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