Daily Silliness – 28 April

Instead of my regular Daily Sunshine I thought I’d send along a little daily silliness.  It’s nice to be able to laugh at things in the news instead of getting upset and worried.  I hope you enjoy it. Police in Newburg, Oregon apprehended an armed and dangerous feline yesterday.  This cat was found perched in…

Daily Sunshine – 27 April

When life seems the darkest, look at the stars. There is always a bit of light, even through the darkest night.  If you want to instantly lift your mood, just look up, day or night.  Looking up makes you smile.  Try it. Check out more inspirational messages at Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursdays.

Daily Sunshine – 18 April

I love this thought.  I’ve been working with grieving families for years now and I’ve seen first hand in their lives and in mine just how healing power comes with talking about something to a compassionate listener.  May you always find that special person who will listen without judgment when you need to talk.

Daily Sunshine – 17 April

Happy Monday, everyone.  Cee was kind enough to share her stomach flu with me.  Ain’t love grand!  But I’m back and have a whole week’s worth of inspiring sayings lined up for you.  Have a wonderful week!