Club Introvert

introvert13Welcome to Club Introvert, a meeting place for introverted bloggers.

(If you’re not sure if you are an introvert, read Introverts Unmasked.)

If you are an introvert, and willing to say so, blog about it, or just hang out with other introverts, you are welcome to add your blog to this page.

You may also visit this page to see what other introverts are up to, and join their blogs.

How to add your blog to the list:Β  add a comment to this page that lists your name (however you might want to show it) and the URL of your blog’s home page, like this:

Chris @

It’s as simple as that.Β  So come and join us.


151 thoughts on “Club Introvert

  1. By “testing” (several ones) I am introvert though (truthfully) I fall midway (just this side of introvert)…. My “Myers-Briggs” label (for lack of better word is “ISTJ” the (silent) loyal guardians.

    Most of my blog is made up of various challenges and some thoughts… I’ve never written anything from view point of being Introvert or ISTJ. Not sure I would have much to write on to be honest. Not something I study much on…. Still interesting and Chris (61 Musings) I enjoy your blogs on the subject.

    Tena Carr

    (Sorry don’t seem to get “h-ref” link idea down in these comment sections.)

  2. What a surprise… thanks for following my blog, Chris!

    Wherever there is jaklumen on the Internet, that would be me. My main blog is and I talk about Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and how I see my life in regards to that. Feedback from fellow introverts is most welcome πŸ™‚

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  9. Hi Chris – thanks for following my blog/website, Storytellers: Women Creating New Life Stories. You got me, BINGO! I’m an introvert although many people who know me wouldn’t necessarily guess that. I need lots of alone time . . . and I also love meeting new people and building relationships and community. Have you read “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain? Extremely helpful, enlightening, and well-researched.

  10. Today, everyone in my office went out to lunch together without me realizing they had gone. They locked the doors and didn’t even put a sign up. So I went home.
    Emiilio @

  11. I’m Marla @

    Not only am I an introvert, but I also work primarily with introverted women. What I’ve realized is that there’s still a lot of myth busting needed to highlight the positive side of introversion! It’s not a disorder!

    Blogging weekly on Wednesdays. Newsletter 2x/mth. Daily facebook updates at

    I invite you to come check it out – hopefully you’ll find something interesting (maybe even inspiring) πŸ™‚

    Great idea Chris, thank you.

  12. It seems ridiculous that Introverts are considered to be some strange extinct dinosaur. Seriously, everybody asks me “Whoa, what’s it LIKE to be an introvert?”

  13. HI Chris Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog, and liking my post. I hope you enjoyed it.

    I am not an introvert but I would like to speak to you all guys here time to time to through my world of blogging. May be we share something in common and this can lead to an introvert & extrovert discussion πŸ™‚

    Here is the link to my blog –


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  15. Hmmm…this is a tough one. My friend who spent her career in Human Resources, once gave me the Myers Briggs test and my result was exactly in the middle with two points in favor of introvert. In reality, I prefer to be introverted. I am capable of being social only when I absolutely have to be and it is difficult. An example of this was when I attended a work function with my boss and he told me to “walk around and talk to new people.” I spent the rest of the evening in a corner conversing with a guest speaker my boss had hired for the seminar. The thought of walking up and approaching two people already embroiled in conversation was terrifying to me!

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  17. Oh my. Didn’t know how I missed your blog so long.
    Am I an introvert if I write a lot? But not talk at all? If I need a wind-down-complete-silence time to function? If sometimes even music is overwhelming? if I am happiest by myself? If I can’t stop putting out my thoughts into words, either in my head, or in my blog or in emails to best friends?

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